Special issue of the year 1401 of Kushan economy

مهندس امین سپه سرا

Special issue of the year 1401 of Kushan economy

In the path of quality, in the path of excellence

Kushan Economy: On the way of Swadkoh Qaimshahr road crossing Chaksar region, there are several production sheds and its steel door with the name of Amin Tabarstan Steel, next to a large framed photo on the wall of one of the sheds, draws the attention of every passerby to himself and the story of this production company. Attracts.

When you enter the first production shed, you will hear the noise of the forming machines from the very beginning, which indicates the existence of production and work flow in this factory.

13 forming production lines, which is one of the highest forming production lines in Mazandaran province. The steel rolls are placed in place with a overhead crane. The command is given by the operator to the forming machine, and on the other hand, which of the sheets with a special and different design will come out.

The production of one of the lines is finished and the trolley enters the hall and is ready to load the sheets, and on the other hand another production line starts its work and continuous production is going on. In the other two halls, 13 rabbit lines are working continuously, this company is the largest producer of rabbits in the north of the country, and the produced rabbits are stacked and ready for loading, and other production sewing that will join the production cycle for the coming months.

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Amin Tabaristan Steel Company started its work in 1995 and with all the hardships of the country’s economic conditions, production and employment in this industrial industrial production company has a passionate flow and today this company has not only implemented its five-year vision, but also expanded its production capacity. has increased and has defined a higher horizon for itself, and all these matters are the result of the effort and ability of the management of the youth of this group in spending Theverb to be able to use a backpack is the father’s (late Hossein Ali Sepehsera) production experience.

A father whose photo is framed on the wall of the shed in gratitude to him, and now this company is flying in the productive sky of this land with the two wings of the efforts of the young management and the experience of the father.

Amin Sepesara’s words about Amin Tabaristan Steel Company

Amin Sepesara, CEO of Amin Tabarstan Steel, in a conversation with Kushan Economy, stated that the establishment license of this company was put into operation in 1992, and since 1996, we have received international standards in the field of quality management, occupational safety and environment.

During these 5 years, despite the difficult economic conditions of the country, we tried our best to proceed according to our plan, and in this regard, we increased the number of our personnel from 17 people to more than 60 people, as well as the number of forming production lines. From 6 lines, we increased 13 lines and Rabbits from two lines to 13 lines, and today our products not only cover 70% of the province’s need for these products, which are also sent all over the country and bring added value to Mazandaran province.

Foreign export of Amin Tabaristan steel

In addition to meeting the domestic needs, the products of this production company are exported to countries such as Iraq, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Tajikistan and Afghanistan, and the CEO of this company says that due to Corona, sanctions and border closures, our exports to these countries have decreased, but so far For the past few months, we had two exports every month.

Forming production capacity

The forming production capacity of this company is 30,000 tons per year, and the nominal production capacity of rabbits was 2,500. This year, during the first eight months of the year, this company produced 4,000 tomans of rabbits and by producing more than its nominal capacity, according to the number of production lines. This product did. It has planned a new nominal capacity with the production of 13 thousand tons per year.

This production company has not stopped its achievements today, and in its development vision, it has the production of steel profiles on its agenda. The young CEO of this collection says in this regard: Currently, we have discussed this production plan with the provincial managers and initial support has also been provided, and if this is achieved, the employment of this production complex will increase to 150 people and in three work shifts.


This successful entrepreneur says that his father’s 30 years of experience has been very helpful in this way and adds: My father registered his first collection in 1968 and the Tabaristan brand was one of his honors, which from the north to the Khark Islands, implemented many and huge projects in various fields, such as the cement industry, machine building, airports, bridges and other metal structures. and during these years we got the license to establish other production complexes and all this was the accumulated experience that was used when starting the work of Amin Tabarstan Steel Group and along with that the good and reliable brand name of Tabarstan has been our helper in the field of sales. .

Employees of Amin Tabaristan Steel Company

Most of the employees of this company are young and in the age range of 28 to 34 years old and natives of the region. The youth of the employees, along with the youth of the CEO of the company, is one of the motivating factors and the success of this manufacturing plant.


Undoubtedly, the important role of success in a company is related to the management style of that company, in which direction the plans are and how much the employees are motivated to work, and the CEO of this company, along with the power and motivation of youth and the use of his father’s experiences, works full-time for the factory and He has also respected the ideas of his employees and has left the field open for the operationalization of these ideas.

Sepe Sera himself says in this regard: success is a team work And I trust my colleagues and provide the field for them as long as there is no risk. In addition, due to the specialization of the fields, a manager does not need the advice of experts and should benefit from the advice of experts in the field. Finally, the manager himself should It has the ability to summarize the consultations and achieve a fruitful output.

The manager himself must have the ability to summarize the consultations and achieve a fruitful outcome. Stating that in the field of trade and market, the good name of Tabaristan brand has helped us a lot, he adds: But in the field of production, we have put a lot of effort around the clock, we made trial and error, and sometimes we even messed up, but in the end, we delivered good work and improved our quality day by day, and besides, we reinvested the profit from production instead of consumerism. We have invested in production so that we can reach the company’s five-year development goals, and thanks to God, we have been successful in achieving these goals, and we have been able to increase production halls, lines, and production capacity and employment, and these positive changes are a kind of reward for our efforts and fatigue. It is a pleasure and we hope to be better than this for the next five-year plan.

The problems faced by Foulad Amin

Saying that during the Corona period, not only did they not have a reduction in shifts or retrenchment, but they also had an increase in employment and production, the only current problem is the power outage, and he points to loans with interest rates of 18% and above among other problems of producers and adds. In the field of steel industry, the rate of return on capital from investment is 15% at best, and with bank interest of 18%, practically many industries will no longer have economic justification, and many producers invest in the industry due to social responsibility and the rotation of the production wheel.

And therefore, it is necessary for the government to support production units with a loan allocation of less than 6%. They are not well-established and the sanctions have aggravated this issue, and we expect these organizations to hold specialized courses and seminars with appropriate efficiency and link domestic production companies with foreign markets, so that the factories fall away and then continue their work. He followed up with this measure, both the producers are supported and the hands of dealers are shortened.

The CEO of Amin Steel Production Company stated that our production company has no restrictions on production and said: Currently, we have activated our cross-border team to create exports, but unfortunately due to the Corona virus, this has been delayed a bit. Introduce and link people to us so that we can be in direct contact, the conditions will be better for us producers.

This young producer stated that we have not given any problem to anyone and our slogan is that every problem that exists is our problem and we have to fix it ourselves, adding that expressing wishes in solving problems is only an expectation that if it is realized, our success will be more than It will happen in advance and we ourselves are trying to improve the situation and we see the future clearly with double efforts.

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