Nowruz 1400 special feature for Amin Folad in Kushan Economy Magazine


Nowruz 1400 special feature for Amin Folad in Kushan Economy Magazine

Kushan Economic Magazine, in a special issue for Nowruz 1400, talked about Amin Tabaristan Steel Company and talked about the history of this company as well as the problems it has gone through in these few years.

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Amin Tabaristan steel, the realization of our belief that we can body

Kushan Economy Magazine, on the occasion of Nowruz 1400 special issue, paid a visit to Amin Tabaristan Steel Company. body Amin Sepesara in Foulad Amin Company is a true follower of the same path that his father has followed. Amin Tabaristan Steel Company started working in 2015 with the establishment of industrial rabits production lines, forming machines, steel sheets and all kinds of guillotine machines, strip cutting lines with a nominal production capacity of 45 thousand kilometers, 8 Shirgah Road, the beginning of Chaksar village.


The use of his father’s 30 years of experience is always the guiding light of Amir, the young CEO of the group, his education related to the industry at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the fields of industrial engineering and industrial management along with the youth force has led him to attract personnel. Educated young man with experience in various organizational units, dynamic and expert young man who can inspire and institutionalize the belief that we can do it in the employees.

Scientific charting and the use of specialized procedures in attracting employees, observing the organizational hierarchy based on people’s skills, using the latest scientific topics in the planning of the warehouse unit, production planning, financial accounting, capital, sales, etc., is one of the most complete organizational procedures in that company. Since then, intellectual capital and organizational behavior have been kept at a reasonable level.

According to the initial policy of the company, in the first five years of its operation, 50% of the company’s profitability was invested in the development of the company’s devices and capacities. This caused Amin Tabaristan Steel Company to be one of the most complete and largest producers of industrial rabits in the country, with 16 rabits lines.

The company’s rabits, which are produced in 15, 13, 11 and 9 columns and in weights of 250 grams to 2000 grams, are distributed and consumed all over the country in addition to meeting 70% of the domestic needs of the province. A word from Amin Sepehsara is not easy to forget. Hossein Ali Sepehsera is a village boy who, with special business intelligence, became an entrepreneur beyond the limits of his countrymen’s minds.

A word from Amin Sepe Sera:

A word from Amin Sepehsara is not easy to forget. Hossein Ali Sepehsera is a village boy who with special business intelligence became an entrepreneur beyond the limits of his countrymen’s minds. So that his determination and perseverance to find out the secret of progress and development will remain a proverb for a long time to his acquaintances and fellow citizens.

The factory, which at the peak of its activity employed 700 people, was considered one of the largest metal industries in the province and refined the leaves of the country’s industry with every heartbeat. Forming lines and services of Amin Tabaristan Steel Company, which is one of the most complete in the country in terms of design variety.

It produces and markets all kinds of colored and galvanized sheets in different designs. Also, Amin Tabaristan Steel Company, having a strong transportation fleet, is one of the best companies producing rabbits in the field of transportation and free delivery to parts of the country. It has provided good for customers.

As a result of all the above advantages, the production and employment capacity of the company has increased by almost 400% in the last three years. Amin Tabaristan Steel Company, based on the orders of the Supreme Leader, who have declared their level of concern for production as the driving engine of the economy by naming many fences under different production titles.

And it has used all its power to produce quality products and a small increase in production, which is forbidden to create more jobs, regardless of the fact that the company has been working with the help of specialized trading companies and regular customers in the border provinces of Iraq for the past three years. Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, and Turkmenistan have been fortunate enough to plan and participate in foreign talks and exhibitions and have used all their strength in this year.

The company has always been of the opinion that all the problems that exist in the management of an industrial factory can be solved with efforts and effective management, but many of the problems it faces are external to the organization and the relevant authorities are expected to solve the obstacles. have more cooperative production

Among other things, for its development plan, the company has a plan to build a shed and establish pipe and profile production lines at the current location of the factory. However, in the year that has been called the year of removing production barriers for private sector investment, the company has not been allowed to build a new shed and establish new lines for almost a year under the municipal building addition laws and agricultural jihad laws.

While the company’s new plan will have at least 100 employees for the region, and other problems that this company has faced in financing are the problems that industries demand for financing from banks, whether for fixed investment or working capital loans. They always face it.

Heavy and time-consuming bureaucracy for obtaining loans along with non-supportive rates of 18% and higher with account blocking, which has made the conditions for companies to manage finances and liquidity extremely difficult and overwhelming.

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