21 top consumer support units of Mazandaran were introduced


21 top consumer support units of Mazandaran were introduced

This morning, Hossein Ali Gwanlu, at the 8th conference for the introduction of top consumer support units, which was held in the meeting hall of Saderat Bank of the province, said that we will hold 3 conferences during the year, which we could not hold for a while due to the corona virus. The honoring ceremony was for exemplary exporters who had more than 253 million dollars in exports with a 60% growth compared to the previous year and was held with the efforts of the Chamber of Commerce.
He pointed out that the conference of the selected production units was held on the day of industry and mining with the presence of the head of the House of Samat and honored the exemplary production units, he added: The superior consumer support units bear both the trouble of producing and supplying the goods needed by the consumers.

He pointed out that the share of the province’s industry in Mazandaran’s economic cake is now 16.1 percent based on official statistics. This increase was achieved while the same share was around 12% in 2017. The head of the consumer rights protection association also added in this conference: The review committee of the 8th conference for the introduction of the best units supporting consumers in cooperation with the Samat organization and other executive bodies started its work in September and the top 50 units in the province were selected, which were reviewed by the selected committee, of which 21 units were introduced.

Siavash Abolghasemi said: 5 golden statue units and the rest were selected as consumer rights supporters.

The names of the top units are as follows:

  • Joibar High Flour Company
  • Mazron Foam Ghaem Knowledge Foundation Company
  • Babolsar Fara Horam Gostar Company (host)
  • Amin Tabaristan Steel Company
  • Behpak Industrial Co
  • Nab Steel Industrial Group
  • Mazandaran Cement Company
  • Amol Wire and Cable Company
  • Amal Meat Brion Company
  • Cochin Co
  • Lili’s sweets
  • Plastonic Co
  • Food Development Company (Catherine Sugar)
  • Mazand bran processing company
  • Gostar Joibar Engineering Company
  • Thyme clothing industry manufacturing company
  • Qaemshahr Paper Company
  • Hadi agricultural equipment manufacturing company
  • Amol Soleimani protein complex
  • Yazdan Motaher Ghaem Estiy Company (Hyper Arin)
  • Pars Neka Paper Company

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